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Drive Safe Products

Blind Spot Detection, Back up sensors, Back up cameras

Blind spot detection

Most vehicles can be retrofitted with blind spot detection systems that work just as good as OEM systems. The radar-based system offers a true fit, finish and performance as OEM.

Key features are LED indicators, sound alerts, and cross traffic alerts.

Back Up Sensor

Adding ultrasonic back up sensors to your vehicles will give you between 6 to 8 feet of coverage as you back up. When an object is detected the driver will be alerted with warning tones from slow beeps, to rapid beeps and them solid tone when closest. They also have a OEM look and finish.

Back Up Camera

We can add back up camera via Rear view mirrors, separate screen, aftermarket radio and most OEM screens. Systems will turn on just like OEM. Cameras can be installed on side mirrors, front bumper, back bumpers, tail gate handles and rear break light. You can have one camera or multi systems.

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