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MDF built Subwoofer box

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

We have a variety of enclosures that will work on almost all makes and models of vehicles, they are constructed from MDF Board.

MDF is somewhat like particleboard in that it is made up of wood fibers glued together. The difference is the density of the fibers in the wood. Fiberboard is harder and stiffer than plywood and particleboard. It's also a denser wood that will not resonate. MDF does not have the problems of screws being easily pulled out or warping when exposed to the elements. Compare the left sheet, which is MDF, to the right sheet of particleboard. You can see that the MDF is much more dense.

At Al & Ed's Autosound we carry quality MDF pre-fab boxes for many makes/models of cars and trucks. If we don't have it, we can custom make it for you. Below are examples of two types of boxes we carry.

A sealed subwoofer box will deliver a tight, clean and accurate bass response and have a flat frequency response curve. In general a sealed box will be for listeners looking for sound quality driven system.

You know that guy you can hear from 2 blocks away? Well he is likely running a ported box. This style enclosure will likely be a bigger box. Also ported enclosures are not always as accurate in sound. Compared to sealed.

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