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Should I get a Dash Camera?

We have three reason why you should consider having a dash camera in your vehicle.

First reason Car Accident, this one is really the most important reason why you should have one. It is the best way to document your drive from the time you turn on the car. If you happened to get into an accident the camera can be used to prove fault and be used as evidence for insurance purposes and in court. Remember, the guilty driver will sometimes try and put blame on the victim of the accident.

Second reason Fraud, let's face it, some drivers would cause an accident on purpose to try and extort money out of you by putting the blame on you. Some people would fake injures, some bike riders wouldl say you pushed them off the road or people at a cross walks would say you hit them as they crossed. The drive camera is the best way to stop that from happening.

Third reason Security, Most good cameras have parking mode and motion that will turn the camera on if someone hits your car or walks up to it. It can also capture a driver that may have road rage or someone approaching you.

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