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Why you should upgrade your car stereo

Your car stereo is no longer just for listening to the radio. It is used for navigation, voice texting, phone calls, internet music, Carplay and Android auto.

With commute getting longer and more people working out of their car, it is important to have a car stereo that will allow you to interface with your phone and keep you safe on the road.

Not only will a new stereo, now called the (infotainment center), will make your drive safer, but it will also give your car the latest in phone interfacing technology such as CarPlay and Android Auto.

What is CarPlay and Android Auto?

Most touch screen radios will give you the ability to plug in or wirelessly connect your phone to your car stereo that will allow you to interface with certain phone apps on the screen. For example, you can access google maps from your stereo by touching the screen or asking via voice to map a location.

CarPlay is an apple product that is built into every iPhone. Requires no app to connect. As long as you have Siri activated on your iPhone it works that easy.

Android Auto is a product that is owned by Google. Requires you to have the android auto app found in your play store. Most phones already have it installed and will use google talk for voice recognition.

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